Teaching Methodology

Child Centred

Children need to explore, be engaged, have fun and be empowered to discover new worlds of learning. They differ in how they learn and grow. Knowing this, our educators adapt to meet the learning needs of students, drawing out the potential and unique gifts of each child.

Embracing the Whole Child

We recognise that education needs to focus on the development of the whole child. Children need to be nurtured, engaged, and challenged intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Development of the whole child is essential for a happy and fulfilled life.

Real and Engaging

Children are taught basic skills wherein Content and thinking processes are sharpened as our curriculum and methodology allows them to enhance and apply their knowledge in a hands-on, meaningful manner. This learning is not restricted to the classroom alone. It goes beyond, by impacting the students’ environment, their societal interaction and inculcating in them qualities of leadership. The curriculum is designed to emphasise the essential unity of knowledge and actively seeks an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Contemporary Learning

Our teachers are facilitators, who hold the hands of the children, readying them for taking flight into a world of opportunity, self-growth and success. As educators, they design engaging lessons, identify and nurture unique talents of students and contribute to their all-round development, keeping in mind emerging and contemporary trends. Interactive tools and teaching aids are used to strengthen conceptual learning. We have a student – teacher ratio of 15:1

Connected to the Community

As they go through their schooling years, they build a strong sense of rootedness – to their culture, society, their peers and alma mater. This process is incomplete without the participation of parents and community members. Children are sensitised to issues which affect their lives and are groomed towards an adulthood which ensures they be responsible and caring..