Rules and Regulations


  1. Annual Charges are to be paid once in the month of April with the school fee.
  2. The fee for every month should be paid by 20th of the month. School holidays are not be taken as an excuse.
  3. If a student fails to pay the school dues for 45 days his/her name will be struck off the school rolls. The child has to be re-admitted after seeking approval from Principal and after making full payment of the school dues and fine.
  4. A late fee fine of Rs. 50/- shall be levied after the laps of last date for the receipt of fee of each month.
  5. Fee and other charges, will not be refunded in any case, even if the child has not attended school for even a single day.
  6. Parents should preserve the Fee Book. In case of loss of the Fee Book, School Office should be informed immediately, A new Fee Book will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- only.


  1. The new admissions are generally carried out in the month of March/April. Normally there are not no mid-term-admissions unless there is a vacancy available. However, admissions are strictly on merit and depend on the performance of the child in the entrance test.
  2. All documents, once submitted at the time of admission, become the property of the school and are preserved in the school.
  3. The admission of child to the school indicates complete acceptance by the parent of all school rules and regulations as are in force or amended from time to time.
  4. Students coming from other schools need to produce.
    a) Transfer certificate.
    b) The progress report of the previous school.
  5. One month notice in writing should be given by parents before withdrawing their ward from school, failing which the parents will have to pay the fee for the entire month.
  6. All dues of the school should be paid in full and library books returned before applying for a Transfer Certificate.


The students availing the School Transport facility have to abide by the rules enumerated below. Failure to do so will result in withdrawal of the transport facility.

  1. At the time of departure the students should wait patiently and in orderly manner for the buses and board their respective buses as soon as they arrive. Students are expected to maintain discipline in the buses.
  2. Use of abusive language or misbehavior will lead to disciplinary action.
  3. The senior students have to ensure that the junior students are given priority in seating.
  4. In order to avoid any mishap, the students are requested not to put any body part out from the bus.
  5. Students are expected not to throw anything out of the bus or tease any one.
  6. In case any student wishes to discontinue the school transport, one month notice in writing should be given, failing which you would have to pay the Transport Fee for the entire month.


Untoward incidents cannot be avoided. Accidents or mishaps can occur any time. Thus the school should not be held responsible for such like incidents. God forbid, in case of any such untoward event, the child will be given only the first Aid free of cost in the school. If need be, the child will also be taken to the nearest doctor/hospital. However, the expenses for the same would have to be borne by the parents. Children are children and at times unintentionally may harm/hurt one another. The school takes all care to prevent such situations. However, in such possibilities, may we request you to be tolerant towards the other child any not make it an issue with his parents.


The school cannot fulfill its objectives without the support and cooperative from the parents. The almanac is meant to establish a valuable liaison between parents and teacher in regard to the scholastic and co-scholastic performance of the pupil in the school and at home. Kindly check your wards diary every and ensure that the assigned home task is being carried out by the students regularly. Kindly ensure the following for your ward :-


  1. Encourage your child to cultivate neatness.
  2. Parents should take note of any countersign the remarks made in the diary from time to time by school authorities.
  3. If any parent feels that the pupil is not achieving the desired progress an appointment with the principal should be sought.
  4. Parents are advised that any comment made by them in the diary should be confined to the students work and conduct. No purpose will be served by critical references entered in the diary with respect of teachings methods. However, if any parent has any suggestions to make, the principal shall be happy to receive them through a written communication separately or personally.
  5. Criticism of teacher of the school in presence of the pupil should be scrupulously avoided because it causes the pupil to lose respects for his/her teacher, he /she is advised to see the principal.
  6. The medium of instructions in the school is English & Hindi. Students should be encouraged to converse in English/Hindi at home which would also help them to follow their work with ease and understanding.

Responsibilities of Students and Parents:

Parents and students shall assume the following responsibilities:

Parents have to deliver their children to the school bus or the assembly point at the specified time. If there is a delay on their part, parents have to deliver their children to the school, without holding the driver accountable.

Parents should help in training and educating their children on the importance of traffic safety, and how to wait and ride the school bus.

Parents should notify the school administration of any offence or negligence from the driver.

The driver may return the students to the school if no one came to collect them upon returning at home, under the responsibility of the parents.

Students should maintain the bus cleanness and notify the school management or their parents of any offenses committed by the driver or students.


Students are expected to adhere to the following norms of discipline with regard to the use of school bus.


  1. Polite and low-voiced conversation is permitted in the bus.
  2. School authorities will fix the bus stop.
  3. Students shall get up from their seats only when the bus comes to a complete halt.
  4. The use of school transport is a privilege and not a right.
  5. The school will recover the cost of repairs of any damage caused to the bus by any student.
  6. Complaints from parents, in writing, regarding the school transport should be handed over to the principal.
  7. No parent & students shall deal with the driver directly for any complaint.
  8. Students travelling by the school bus should compulsorily be in proper school uniform and in possession of the Identity Card, failing which he/she will not be allowed to board the bus.
  9. Students must report at the scheduled bus stops 10 minutes before the fixed time.
  10. Students must travel only by the bus allocated and occupy only the seats reserved for each student. Request for change of bus/seat will not be entertained unless the reason is genuine and convincing.
  11. Bus facility will be cancelled for those who damage any bus fittings or indulge in any act of misbehaviour/ indiscipline in the bus.
  12. Eating or Drinking in the bus is strictly forbidden.
  13. Applications for withdrawal of bus facility should be made one month in advance, failing which the bus fee will have to be paid.
  14. Children proceeding on leave will also have to pay the bus fee along with the tuition fee for the period of leave.
  15. No student will be allowed to board a any bus other than the one allotted.
  16. Boys and girls must sit separately in the bus.
  17. Students are not allowed to use any other bus for any reason other then the regular one.
  18. Student of the secondary and the Primary Wings cannot use buses used by the tiny toys.
  19. Bus Users shall keep the aisles and steps free from obstruction.
  20. Children should respect the traffic rules and should not put out any part of their body through the window/door.
  21. Children are advised not to distract the driver’s attention when he is on his job.
  22. Please don’t throw/shoot any objects from the bus at any passing vehicle/passerby.
  23. Use of any vulgar/abusive words/languages or making of obscene gestures at anyone is not permitted.
  24. Children shall comply with the instructions given by the teachers travelling with them.
  25. No one shall enter into any arguments with anyone or involve in any sort of fighting/rushing.
  26. Children are not permitted to carry matches/lighters or any tobacco products.
  27. These rules can be modified by the school management at any time.
  28. Any bus route can be cancelled if it is found to be uneconomical.


In order to avoid any chaos and confusion on the bus parking ground and also to enable the students to reach home early, the following procedure may be strictly adhered to:


  1. Bus numbers are written on the parking ground and the buses are parked accordingly.
  2. After reaching the parking ground, students should go to the specific point where their buses are parked and board them immediately.
  3. They are not allowed to loiter on the parking ground aimlessly.
  4. They should not go near any bus other than their own.
  5. Once they board their bus, they should not come out leaving their bags for any reason whatsoever.
  6. They are expected to co-operate with the traffic volunteers (students/staff) who are posted at various positions.